Cardiff and its Castle are linked through time. Over the last 2,000 years, the prosperity of each has been dependent on the other. The long history of the castle originates as a Roman fort in the 1st century AD and carries through the industrial age, to what you see today.

Visitors to Cardiff Castle now watch a film that takes them through the long and illustrious history of the Castle before they go on to explore it for themselves.

D J Willrich Ltd produced the film, which follows a young girl experiencing the castle’s different times in history. It is created without words, to allow its meaning to be understood by all. The story concept is dedicated to explaining the changes that have taken place over the years, and is made up of a unique blend of film and CGI models.

The show is projected onto a 12m screen that covers the viewing window looking out to the Norman Keep. At the end of the show the screen rises to reveal the view.

Cardiff Castle
The film is projected onto a 12m long screen.
Cardiff Castle
The footage was all filmed in High Definition.
Cardiff Castle
How Cardiff Castle once was, in 3D.
Cardiff Castle
The film is projected onto a 12m long screen.
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