Herbert Art Gallery

In 2008, The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum completed a £20 million redevelopment to give them 8 new permanent galleries.

A Coventry museum, one of the galleries is dedicated to Lady Godiva; another looks at Peace and Reconciliation; there are art galleries; galleries on Coventry’s history; and a gallery of objects and art pieces chosen by the public.

D J Willrich Ltd designed and installed audio visual systems for the 5 galleries involving media and interactivity. DJW installed subtle audio visual elements in the art galleries, helping visitors to further explore art work detail and provide further context. In Peace and Reconciliation, DJW installed hardware to help visitors learn about the stories of people involved.

In the Elements gallery, visitors are encouraged to celebrate nature. DJW developed a way for visitors to hear, see and feel bird song. DJW installed the audio visual system for visitors to experience an atmospheric soundtrack providing earthquakes, wind, fire and more in this multimedia, multi-sensory experience.

Herbert Art Gallery
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Herbert Art Gallery
Interaction is integrated.
Herbert Art Gallery
Interaction is integrated.
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