Kimmeridge Museum

Dr Steve Etches MBE began collecting fossils in Kimmeridge over 35 years ago. What began as a hobby has now resulted in a collection of over 2300 fossils all from the Kimmeridge area.

Having won Lottery Funding this unique collection of fossils all collected by Steve are showcased in a purpose built building under an aquarium-esque projected tunnel so visitors can look up and see the fossils below brought to life. DJW worked with Event to develop the concept and deliver a system within the available budget.

The Gallery consists of 8 projected windows into the under-sea past powered by Dataton Watchout and features 20 minutes of custom created stunning CGI content. The gallery also includes 2 touchscreen interactives explaining how the marine life in the Jurassic period evolved and adapted to ‘Escape and Evade’ and “Eat or be Eaten’

At the end of the Gallery visitors have the opportunity to watch Steve at work through a glass wall to his workshop where he excavates and prepares the fossils to be housed within the collection.

Dr Etches' fossil collection was once housed in a converted garage at his home in Kimmeridge, they are now on display in our amazing Heritage Lottery funded museum.

Kimmeridge Museum
Kimmeridge Museum
Kimmeridge Museum
Kimmeridge Museum
Kimmeridge Museum
Kimmeridge Museum
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