Arch of St Louis

The Gateway Arch underwent a major refit to celebrate its 50 year anniversary. As well as the Arch and its exhibition halls, the Memorial includes the Old Courthouse, an historic landmark, and tram loading areas for trams that take visitors from the riverside to the heart of the Arch.

The Memorial includes a range of AV and lighting, used for wowing the visitors as they arrive, supporting the stories of the galleries, providing network background audio, helping move visitors efficiently through pinch points, and providing staff voice amplification.

DJW was employed by the Designer to develop the AV and exhibition lighting system for the National Park Service (NPS) and the tramway managing body. A unified approach across the two ultimate clients was key.

Work started with briefing and round table sessions with the design team and client, along with site visits to understand the complex spaces and teleconferences to develop plans. As the development phase took some time, there were a number of updates and changes to take advantage of new products as they came to market. Tender documentation requirements for the NPS were exacting and had to reflect the complex regulations by which the NPS is bound.

DJW supported the client through the tender phase and on to completion, including the ongoing development of the system design, through to site inspections and approvals of the AV contractor’s installation.

Arch of St Louis
AV elements work seamlessly with physical interactives and static displays.
Arch of St Louis
Accessibility is designed in throughout.
Arch of St Louis
A well thought through lighting design creates atmosphere.
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St Louis, Missouri, USA
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