The Cumberland

The Cumberland hotel, near Marble Arch in the heart of London’s West End, boasts a lobby that is also one of London’s most exciting contemporary art galleries.

The lobby is impressively spacious, with contemporary art work throughout. D J Willrich Ltd installed projectors for three frosted glass screens of video art behind the reception desk. The lobby features an audio artwork, where guests sit in a cosy red and silver cocoon, whereby audio snippets are triggered to cocoon them in audio.

DJW programmed neon tube lighting and LED floor tiles throughout the lobby so that they gradually change colour giving different colours for different times of the day. The lighting in the bar and restaurants automatically change colour to match different meal services.

Hotel and meeting announcements are projected onto a waterfall that cascades down a glass wall in the centre of the lobby. The sound systems in the bar, lobby and restaurants were also installed by DJW, along with simple controls for the staff to operate them.

The Cumberland
Sculptures and video art make the reception interesting for waiting guests.
The Cumberland
Guests sit in the cocoon to listen to snippets of audio.
The Cumberland
A glass waterfall works as a projction screen for hotel announcements.
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Great Cumberland Place, London UK
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